Raging Bull FX EA’s and How to Trade Them 

It’s important to understand how RagingBullFX EA’s work to maximise the systems profitability. This will give you the confidence needed to achieve financial success and run all 5 EA’s having an average of around 40 to 50 trades a month being executed. The combined systems will produce quite significant winning streaks, this must be capitalised upon using increased lot size management. This is a skill which you will develop over time watching the systems trade.

Key points:

Swap Rate  - You will notice the EA’s trades always trades Long USD, this is deliberate to get a positive swap rate into your account. The swap rate is the interest rate charged by your broker. The swap rate is calculated daily and costs triple one day a week. Effectively you are being paid to borrow money from the broker, this allows the trade to take its time if needed and your account gets paid. When you start to run multiple EA’s over a year this swap rate accumulates and can add a couple of interest rate points to the overall system return.

USD Cycle -  During periods of extreme volatility ( such as March 2020 ) capital flows will run to the USD as a safety trade. As all our EA’s are always Long USD they are ready to take advantage of any flash crash or fear trade into the USD. This enables our EA’s to be profitable and safe during turbulent market periods.

DXY Cycle - The USD has a cycle like all markets, and is subject to capital flows in and out. After any significant Long USD trend the cycle will reverse and capital flows will come out of the USD. For example after the March 2020 volatility where capital moved strongly into the USD. At the end of May we see capital flows reverse and a USD decline for about  8-10 weeks. During this decline the system will underperform and trade selection will slow, this is where lot size is decreased and we wait for the cycle to bottom. Around August the USD started to consolidate and the system got back to putting trades on and has not stopped while capital flows return to the USD and as they say “rinse & repeat”.

Trends & Risk Management - Focus on the macro direction with the USD and adjust lot size according to you own risk profile. Then allow the EA’s to take care of the trade details, this will make life for you as a trader much more successful and profitable. This is a skill which you will develop over time watching the system trade, you will also have our assistance via the blog.

Stop Size & Trade Kill Time - The trade stop will vary depending on the volatility period during trade entry. Stops are rarely hit and require an extreme short term move. The majority of losing trades will be exited by a predetermined period, the EA monitors each trade and will close the losing trade and send an alert via the Meta Trade notifications App. Depending on the EA pair, all losing trades will be exited between a 30 - 35 day period.

Indicators - The indicators used on our EA’s are custom designed and backtesting code is also custom designed. This is to ensure optimal performance and consistency of trade execution.

Oscillation - All currency pairs have an oscillation frequency therefore they do not trend (across all time frames), they oscillate back and forth. Each  Forex pair has its own oscillation frequency.

Calibration -  Our automated EA’s identify the unique oscillating frequency of the individual currency pair. Over time all automated EA’s will move out of sync with the currency pair because they are built on past data. All our EA’s are recalibrated and updated at the beginning of every year, to keep the trade oscillation with each pair accurate. Confidence and consistency with the EA’s allow us to identify the macro trend of the USD and increase or decrease lot size allocation.

Risk Management - We recommend when new to RagingBullFX EA’s keep risk per trade low - 0.01 to 0.03 Micro Lot size per $1000 in your account. As you gain experience with EA’s you can confidently choose a risk profile that is more suitable for you.

Major Currency Pairs - Our EA’s only trade the Major currency pairs to maximise liquidity, minimise spread costs and reduce volatility risk.

VPS - We recommend using a VPS with FXChoice but you do not have to do that if you have an alternative setup.

Notifications - Setup and connect your Meta Trade App to receive notifications from the EA to monitor trades.
All EA’s will expire after 2 years from released year, we recommend you keep all EA’s up to date with the latest version. All members will receive a discount for all future update purchases.

Disclaimer: Trading the FX markets is high risk and involves the use of leverage which can result in the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.