Raging Bull FX has a series of Trading EAs Long & Short. Each EA currency pair strategy is carefully designed and tested with a unique set of parameters creating a market edge. The strategy employs an automated algorithmic technical trade selection with precise execution removing human error and emotion from the equation.


With our Trade Copy Service, all you need to do is contact us, and subscribe to our monthly subscription, only $48.00 per month. Then connect your broker account, and all the signals will automatically trade for you. There is no locked-in contract, you can cancel at any time.

The RagingBullFX EAs have very consistent returns and profitability. Our system has an extremely high win ratio, over 90%! which is psychologically beneficial for our traders to trade. 

Connect with RagingBullFX EA and start making money today.

RagingBullFX - EA

RBFX Short EURUSD Long.png
RBFX Long EURUSD Short.png
RBFX Short GBPUSD Long .png
RBFX Long GBPUSD Short.png
RBFX Short USDJPY Long.png
RBFX Long USDJPY Short.png
RBFX Short USDCHF Long.png
RBFX Short AUDUSD Long.png
RBFX Long AUDUSD Short.png
RBFX Long CHFUSD Short.png

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