What is the average return per month for Forex Traders?

Updated: Aug 27

99% of Forex Traders lose every month, the only system I have seen consistently make money is RagingBullFX.

Trading is just a process of wins and losses. Most will not be good at trading no matter how many times they win or lose. 99.9% will not make money because traders (not investors) will be beaten by the cost of trading. The brokers know this and they make profits from the churn. Then there is the process of a trader's psychology which will cause errors and frustration. Trust me, I have been there and bought the very expensive t-shirt!

I agree with the comment “If I knew what I know now, I never would have tried to trade - never.

My simple advice is don’t trade…. let a computer do it for you. Go to and bookmark the system RagingBullFX. Buy an EA and then connect with it. Over time take those profits and invest in dividend-paying stocks or real-estate. Then go and learn the guitar or do something creative and fun with your life.

So why did I stick it out and build this automated system? The reason is simple, I have spent so much time (years of my life being smoked by the market) I couldn’t turn back and right off all that effort, I had to have something to show for it. So do yourself a favor and let the machine help you make money.


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Disclaimer: Trading the FX markets is high risk and involves the use of leverage which can result in the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.

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