USD Ready for a Bounce?

The bear trend against the USD started Sept 2020. The sentiment for a USD sell has been widespread across all major FX pairs and also a corresponding rise in the commodities sector reflecting a weakening USD. In last week we are seeing the USD have a pause and a small bounce also reflecting a short-term sell-off with the commodities sector.

The RagingBullFX EA's have been trading against the trend which results in slower activity per currency pair and the systems closing out any losing trades after holding for a significant period. We recommend keeping the risk level per trade low allowing the EA's to execute winning trades as the short-term trend is currently favorable. If there is going to be an extended USD rally, this will largely depend on how the market sentiment towards a global recovery is perceived. The other narrative is to sell the USD because the Federal Reserve is printing money at extreme levels. This again seems to ignore the fact that all Central banks and engaged in excessive money printing and are keen to debase their respective currencies. There is a very real possibility of a panic trade into the USD as the global pandemic recovery starts to falter coinciding with any political instability. This will extend the USD bullish move and the EA's will start to increase activity significantly, this is when to increase the risk per trade for each EA you are running and capitalize on the trend.

All the RagingBullFX 2021 EA's now updated for this year and available for purchase, we recommend running all five EA's to maximize opportunity and exploit significant winning streaks. Here are the current Stats for the 2021 EA's

RagingBullFXEUR/USD Currency Pair - Version2021 Ave Consecutive Wins - 58 Ave Trades Per Month - 12

RagingBullFX GBP/USD Currency Pair - Version2021 Ave Consecutive Wins - 44 Ave Trades Per Month - 15

RagingBullFX AUD/USD Currency Pair - Version2021 Ave Consecutive Wins - 41 Ave Trades Per Month - 8

RagingBullFX USD/JPY Currency Pair - Version2021 Ave Consecutive Wins - 44 Ave Trades Per Month - 10

RagingBullFX USD/CHF Currency Pair - Version2021 Ave Consecutive Wins - 31 Ave Trades Per Month - 8

We will keep a close watch on the current USD trend and monitor the EA's looking for any indication that this USD bounce may be extended.



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