How can I get free Forex signals that can help me make money?

You wouldn’t value the signal if it was free therefore you would not trade the signal. What would be the motivation of the signal provider to send out quality trades that are profitable? If the signals are not profitable what's your recourse? They have no value. In the spirit of honesty and transparency, I provide an automated signal service and it is not free. I am profit-motivated and my customers demand high quality for the money they spend. If the quality of my product performs poorly I will be out of business just like everyone else, therefore, I am extremely motivated to do the best work. Thats what they call Win/Win.


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The Aussie has had a strong rebound from a low of 55 back in March2020 and a high of 74 in Aug2020. After a limited consolidation period the AUD/USD is now trending lower. RagingBullFX EA is executing


As we are now seeing a break down move with the EUR against the USD. This is the first break out of the consolidation since the end of July 2020. I would advise to start increasing position size and p

DXY Trend Change

The sell off with the USD from the May period to Aug has ended and now we are seeing the USD continue to consolidate. We are starting to see a break above the 40 day MAV. All RagingBullFX EA's for all

Disclaimer: Trading the FX markets is high risk and involves the use of leverage which can result in the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.

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