Can I make 100 dollars a day trading Forex with a 500 dollar account?

Let’s see, you want to make 20% per day. So if you compound that over 50 days you will turn that $500 into $10 million. Is this possible? yes, anything practically is but not likely. So how would you do it? Let’s say you want 20% in one trade because you want to compound 50 correct trades in a row to achieve $10 million. You would need to have a tight profit target of around 10 pips per trade, which would mean a lot size of 1 Lot (100K) to make $100. So understand the risk, you have a $100K trade on the line with $500 equity. This leverage will be maintained for 50 trades in a row. Now…..many winning trades tick by……and now we are at trade 49. We’ve got your account to just over $8.5 million profit……we’ve got to get you just one more win….(I’m getting nervous just typing this)….we need $1.5 million more, our lot size is now 150,000 Lots, (multiply that by $100K…..thats a lot of zero’s) Our imaginary broker throws caution to the wind and says “yeah go for it, I believe in you!”…….you press the button….just one more win baby!…….

So what did happen?…. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Getting that kind win ratio is not easy, I can get you signal that will do 50 wins in a row, even more… but you’ve got to bring the nerves of steel to take those kinds of risks.

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