Can I make 100 dollars a day trading Forex with a 500 dollar account?

Let’s see, you want to make 20% per day. So if you compound that over 50 days you will turn that $500 into $10 million. Is this possible? yes, anything practically is but not likely. So how would you do it? Let’s say you want 20% in one trade because you want to compound 50 correct trades in a row to achieve $10 million. You would need to have a tight profit target of around 10 pips per trade, which would mean a lot size of 1 Lot (100K) to make $100. So understand the risk, you have a $100K trade on the line with $500 equity. This leverage will be maintained for 50 trades in a row. Now…..many winning trades tick by……and now we are at trade 49. We’ve got your account to just over $8.5 million profit……we’ve got to get you just one more win….(I’m getting nervous just typing this)….we need $1.5 million more, our lot size is now 150,000 Lots, (multiply that by $100K…..thats a lot of zero’s) Our imaginary broker throws caution to the wind and says “yeah go for it, I believe in you!”…….you press the button….just one more win baby!…….

So what did happen?…. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Getting that kind win ratio is not easy, I can get you signal that will do 50 wins in a row, even more… but you’ve got to bring the nerves of steel to take those kinds of risks.


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Disclaimer: Trading the FX markets is high risk and involves the use of leverage which can result in the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.

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